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  • Name:
  • Arab Republic of Egypt
  • Location:
  • Middle East, North Africa
  • Time:
  • IST (-) 3 1/2 hrs
  • Capital:
  • Cairo
  • Language:
  • Arabic, English and French
  • Area:
  • 1,002,000 sq kms
  • Population:
  • 88,487,396 (July 2015 est.)
  • National Day:
  • 23 Jul (Revolution Day)
  • Currency:
  • Egyptian Pound (EGP) 1 = INR 7.53.
  • Climate:
  • Holidays:
  • Year 2017:
  • Airline Name:
  • Air Arabia Egypt E5
    Air Cario CE
    EgyptAir MS
  • International Airports:
  • Luxor (LXR)
    Cario International (CAI)
    El Nouzha (ALY)
Disclaimer:These visa rules are only indicative & are updated on best effort basis. Please refer to the respective country’s official website to know the complete and accurate requirements.

Egypt Visa Regulations

You can apply for a visa from the consulate either in person or by mail. The applications can be submitted by means of electronic visa application system (e-Visa) that permits visas to be made online. Egyptian visa is valid for 6 months after the date of its approval.
Visa Application Forms
The Egypt Tourist form has to be completed by all the applicants accurately. Egypt visa application forms can be downloaded from any authorized visa agents For applying for Egypt Visa for Indians you can contact authorised agents during their working hours. For Egypt Visa you need to complete documents –

  • Properly signed and completed Visa Form;
  • Original Passport which is valid for 6 months from date of departure to Egypt, minimum one blank visa page is required for the Egyptian visa stamp. The amendment pages placed in the back of passport do not suffice for Egyptian visas.
  • Two recent 2 x 2 passport type clear photographs in color, vivid front view with a plain white background.
  • Computerized flight itinerary from the travelling airline or even travel agency or the copy of airline tickets.
    The Egypt Visa Fees for each application is approximately $45 and is non refundable. For the payment you have to choose the online mode as Master/ Visa, both credit and debit card are accepted. The recognised service agents charge additional fees for each visa application.
    Generally the visa is processed in 8to 10 business days, once the application is submitted by the renowned visa agent for processing. A visa sticker will be affixed to one of the blank passport pages. Exclude weekends, the day of submission and the national holidays. All the tourists who are applying for visa must meet up the requirements like holding a suitable passport, adequate funds for the stay in Egypt and ticket for the onward destination