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  • Name:
  • New Zealand
  • Location:
  • South Pacific
  • Time:
  • IST (+) 6 1/2 hrs
  • Capital:
  • Wellington
  • Language:
  • English (official) 91.2%, Maori (official) 3.9%, Samoan 2.1%, French 1.3%, Hindi 1.1%, Yue 1.1%, Northern Chinese 1%, other 12.9%, New Zealand Sign Language (official).
  • Area:
  • 266,171 sq kms
  • Population:
  • 4,438,393 (July 2015 est.)
  • National Day:
  • 06 Feb (Waitangi Day)
  • Currency:
  • New Zealand Dollar (NZD). Check current rate on the Currency Converter on our home page.
  • Climate:
  • Holidays:
  • Year 2017:
  • Airline Name:
  • Air New Zealand NZ
  • International Airports:
  • Hamilton (HLZ)
    Queenstown (ZQN)
    Wellington (WLG)
    Christchurch (CHC)
    Auckland (AKL)
Disclaimer:These visa rules are only indicative & are updated on best effort basis. Please refer to the respective country’s official website to know the complete and accurate requirements.

New Zealand Visa Regulations

The New Zealand Tourist form has to be completed by all the applicants. The entire form has to be filled carefully and with utmost caution. You can apply in person at the nearest Embassy of New Zealand. The applications can also be submitted by means of a latest electronic visa application system (e-Visa) that permits visas to be made online. These applications are submitted to any renowned visa agents. All the candidates who have approved visa applications are permitted to take the print out of New Zealand e-Visa online. The New Zealand visa application forms are free of charge and can be downloaded from any authorized visa agents. For applying for New Zealand Visa for Indians you can contact these agents during their operational hours.
Visa Application Forms
New Zealand Tourist form known as INZ1017 has to be completed by all the applicants. When filling in this important form, write clearly using capital letters .To ensure your application is accepted, provide all information required in the checklist on the application form. In order to get New Zealand Visa you need to have following documents in order –

  • Appropriately signed and completed Visa Form INZ1017
  • 2 latest , coloured and clear passport size photograph
  • Passport that is valid for at least three months beyond your intended departure date
  • Travel tickets or evidence of onward travel arrangements
  • Evidence that you can support yourself in New Zealand (approximately NZ$1000 per month per person or NZ$400 if the accommodations payment is done in advance
    The New Zealand Visa Fees for each application is approximately INR8600 or USD145 and is not refundable. Applicants have to pay two separate bank drafts on submitting the application: a demand draft of the application fee payable to Immigration New Zealand and a demand draft of the service fee payable to TT Services .The authorized service agents will charge extra fees for each visa application.
    Generally the visa is processed in 10 to 12 working days, once the application is submitted by the recognised visa agent. Weekends and national holidays are not included.
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