Thailand has become the ultimate destination for tourists all over the world. The place is renowned for its nightlife, tropical forest, parties, breathtaking islands, and stunning beaches etc.

Owing to such dramatic contrast Thailand has been crowned as unique and the most happening destination in entire Southeast Asia. In fact, Thailand is one of the most visited places in the world now.

However, it’s always confusing when it comes to what to do in Thailand. And, most importantly Thailand is a foreign country and there are certain things you should consider.

Facts about Thailand

  • Thailand was once called siam
  • ⅕  of Thailand GDP is contributed by tourism
  • Thai people love to smile
  • Buddhism is the main religion of Thailand
  • Thai people love their king
  • Even though Thailand is all up for boozing there are certain places where you cant drink. For instance, near temples, public offices, near schools, etc.

Why Indians should opt for Thailand?

  • Airfare is so cheap
  • Royal Thai government has recently announced the extension of visa on arrival for Indians
  • You can reach Thailand in hours
  • Safe for woman
  • Indians love Thai boxing
  • Thailand is renowned for its markets
  • Spicy food
  • You can booze around without burning a hole in the pocket
  • Loads of stuff and places to see

5 Reasons why tourists love Thailand

  1. Food

Thai food is insanely good! Your mouth will have that orgasmic feeling once you tasted their dish. However, some might find the use of fish sauce a bit too much if you are not into the smell and the flavor. Since it’s a tourist place you might be thinking that the food is expensive. But that’s not the case, there are bazillion stalls out there which serves, unique food throughout the mainland. Those who wish to go for food exploration, Thailand has some of the best options to offer.

  1. Thai People

Thai people are one of the nicest people you will ever see. They very well understand that tourism is integral for their country and will treat the tourist with the same kind of respect.

  1. It’s cheap to travel to and around in Thailand

Traveling used to happen rarely among people. But, things have changed! People are now traveling frequently around the world in search of a budget-friendly destination to fulfill their travel goals. Thailand is the ultimate destination to travel in less amount. First of all, air tickets to Thailand are as cheap as it can get. Transportation and rooms to stay inside the country are also cheap compared to other tourist destinations in Asia.

  1. International nature

Thailand is an international destination where people from all over the globe come for vacation. Why? Apart from the geographical peculiarities, Thailand is renowned for its urban cities and social people. Almost all the leading brands of eateries and fashion chains have their outlets in Thailand. And above all, Thailand is a party land where hundreds of parties are happening as you read this blog.

  1. Always up!

Do you need something in the middle of the night? Not a problem in Thailand. There will always be a shop around for you to buy stuff

Things you should remember when you go to Thailand 

  • Use spoon along with a fork. Using just the fork can be considered as rude by the commoners
  • Do not touch peoples head as it’s considered disrespectful
  • Do not try to touch the monks as they are highly respected
  • Since it’s a tourist country many kinds of people will try to indulge with you. Keep away from any suspicious people or activities. Remember that you are in a foreign land
  • Never ever say anything derogatory about the king or the royal family
  • Respect Thai currency
  • Keep the shoes outside
  • Do not go for suggestions from taxi drivers
  • Do not go for hand gestures. Make sure that most of the communication is verbal

Travel Guide for Thailand 2019

  1. Visit the grand palace 

A mammoth of a monument that’s what grand palace is. For 150 years the grand palace was the home to the king, his court and the royal people. Huge walls are around the palace to make the place look gigantic. This palace will make your jaw drop and will make say wow!

  1. Damnoen Saduak Floating Market

A one of a kind market that’s assured to give you a unique experience that you have never come across. Located at  Damnoen Saduak District, Ratchaburi Province, this markets on boat has plenty of common as well as rare fruits and veggies ready to be purchased. Run by locals Damnoen Saduak Floating Market is beautiful and chaotic at the same time.

  1. Watch the breathtaking view of the sunset over Wat Arun

Are you kind of a person who is crazy about sunset or would generally find sunset beautiful? Then, Wat Arun can be an excellent choice for you. Wat Arun is a Buddhist temple located at the  Bangkok Yai district of Bangkok. This 17th-century temple offers a spectacular view when rays of the sun fall.

  1. The golden triangle

A surreal place where the famous Mekong river meets the Ruak River. The golden triangle is also the point where Burma/Myanmar, Laos, and Thailand meet. You can hire a boat there and go for a magical ride in this stunning river.

  1. Island hopping

5000 miles of coastline ins waiting for you in Thailand to be explored. You can hire a boat and visit these beautiful islands if you wish to. There are packages offered by tour operators to visit the main islands. However, to keep away from disappointment here is the list of the most beautiful islands in Thailand.
Koh Phayam, Koh Similan, Koh Yao Noi, Koh Yao Yai, Koh Phi Phi Le, Koh Lanta Yai, Koh Jum, Koh Muk, Koh Adang, Koh Kradan, Koh Lipe, Koh Khai
Koh Phangan, Koh Tarutao, Koh Samet etc.

  1. Local festivals

Thailand is a land of joy! If you wish to experience that joy in its finest form, you must visit local festivals and take part in it. However, make sure that you are not doing anything that offends the people there.

  1. Kanchanaburi

The place is famous and infamous for many things. First of all, it’s the birthplace of  Buddhist monk Phrabhavanaviriyakhun. Secondly, it’s an area of lush forest and heaven for backpackers. Last but not least, the infamous death railway is also a part of this town municipality.

  1. SEA LIFE Bangkok Ocean World

Wish to get mesmerized?  Then you have to go to SEA LIFE Bangkok Ocean World. The place is the largest aquarium in South East Asia covering over 110,00 sq ft. the main purpose of Sea Life is to educate visitors about marine life and its importance.

  1. Street shopping

There are plenty of street market in Thailand which offers common as well as exotic goods at a reasonable price. When it comes to Bangkok these the 10 markets you should try

  1. Chatuchak Market
  2. Talat Rot Fai/ Train Night Market
  3. Neon Night Market
  4. Sampeng Market
  5. ArtBox Night Market
  6. Pak Khlong Talat Flower Market
  7. Klongsan Market
  8. Klong Toey Fresh Market
  9. Bangkok Farmers Market
  10. Pratunam Market


  1. Reward yourself with a relaxing Thai massage 

After that hectic day, you deserve a massage. Thai massage is renowned for its healing capability and relaxing effect. However, their plenty of Thai massage center out there which has other purposes. So always make sure that you are visiting an authentic one.

So what are you waiting for? Approach trustworthy tour operators like us. We know the ins and out of Thailand and we can assure a fun-filled safe vacation in Thailand so that you can carry on the memories to the rest of your lives.

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